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General grammar/spelling

* There is usually a comma before and after “i.e.” and “e.g.”

* The University of Oxford does not use the Oxford comma.

* We are the “University of Oxford”, not “Oxford University”.

* can't → cannot, don't → do not, etc.

General typesetting

* Add \usepackage{microtype}. This produces much smoother margins.

* We do not italicise “et al.” or “i.e.” or “e.g.”

* Ranges of numbers use a double dash: 1923–2016

* Use a tilde after the dot that is used for shorthands. E.g., Sec.~\ref{some section}.

* Format numbers with units as follows: $10.5$\,s (the sI unit is not italic, and there is a non-breaking space between the number and the unit)

Line Breaks

* Add a tilde ~ after “al.”, e.g., “Münchhausen et al.~say that this is true”.

* Add a tilde before \cite{…}, e.g., “Münchhausen~\cite{something} says this is true”. Note that there is no space before or after the tilde.

* Avoid line breaks after “A ”, “As ”, “It ”, “We ”, “By ” and “If ” at the beginning of sentences (by adding a tilde).

* Avoid line breaks before short words or symbols (by adding a tilde).

* Add \allowbreak inside $…$ math to get a soft line break.

Page Breaks

* Consider \allowdisplaybreaks if you have long {align} blocks.


* Do \usepackage{cite}. This allows you to have spaces in \cite to separate references.

* Don't forget to check capitalisation of your references. Bibtex will de-capitalize the titles, unless you put a {…} around the words that are to remain capitalised. E.g., {ANSI-C} or {SAT} or {Java}.


* \usepackage{times} produces text in Times Roman, which is much smaller than the default Springer LNCS font. You save about a page on 15 pages. However, it looks less nice, so if you have the page count, stick to the default.

* \usepackage{txfonts} also changes maths to use Times Roman, which generally looks less good. Daniel does not like it.

* Daniel likes the math script font in \usepackage{eucal}.

* Daniel likes the typewriter font in \usepackage{inconsolata} (this is already the default in acmart.cls).

* If you want something similar to the default LNCS font, but better consider


* A full discussion can be found here

* Daniel likes the main latex file to be called “paper.tex”. Don't do “cav.tex”, “super algorithm.tex”, etc.

Figures and Tables

* Tikz is preferred. Make sure font is the same as in the main body of the paper.

* Do not scale figures. Draw them in the right size.

* Numbers in tables must be right-aligned

* We do not put dots at the end of table/figure captions. We do not use capitals in captions.

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