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 ====== Talks ====== ====== Talks ======
 +===== Neural-Symbolic Systems for Verification,​ Run-Time Monitoring and Learning =====
 +Artur Garcez
 +Neural-symbolic systems combine symbolic reasoning and neural computation. They have been shown capable of outperforming purely symbolic and purely connectionist machine learning by using symbolic background knowledge with data-driven learning in neural networks. A neural-symbolic system translates symbolic knowledge into the initial structure of a neural network, which can be trained from examples in the usual way. Learning expands or revises that knowledge. Knowledge extraction closes the cycle by producing a revised symbolic description of the network. Neural-symbolic systems exist for logic programming,​ answer-set programming,​ modal and intuitionistic logic, nonmonotonic logic, temporal logic, first-order logic, etc. In this talk, I will review briefly the developments in the area and how neural-symbolic systems can be used with model checking for adapting system descriptions. I will also exemplify how system properties described in temporal logic can be encoded in a neural network, which can be used for run-time monitoring of a system in the presence of deviations from the system specification. I will conclude with a brief presentation of some recent achievements and discuss the challenges in knowledge extraction from neural networks, relational learning in neural networks, and symbolic reasoning in deep networks. ​    
 +Slides: {{:​garcez2017.pdf|}}
 ===== SMT-based Verification Applied to Non-convex Optimization Problems ===== ===== SMT-based Verification Applied to Non-convex Optimization Problems =====
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