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 ==== Amazon Cloud Machines ==== ==== Amazon Cloud Machines ====
-Do ssh to to log into the file server. The username is the same as the one for the departmental Unix machines; there are no passwordsInstead, authentication happens by means of the ssh public key that is on /nas (see entry above).+We can spawn machines on demandSee [[http://​​ec2/​pricing/​]] ​for the list of optionsEmail Daniel to get a machine.
-We can spawn further machines on demand. See [[http://​​ec2/​pricing/​]] for the list of options. The home directories are mounted via NFS from the file server. Sorry, /nas is not mounted for security reasons. There is plenty of local scratch space in /scratch.+==== GPUs ====
-==== GPGPU Programming ====+Consider one of the pX machines from AWS.
-We have an additional machine CSU8975 with the following specs: Intel Xeon @3.6 GHz Quadcore, 16GB, NVIDIA GTX 660 card.  
-==== ARM ==== 
-We also have 5 Odroid ARM boards: 
-  * 1 X2 with a Samsung Exynos 4412 SoC 
-  * 3 U2 with a Samsung Exynos 4412 SoC (1 U2 needs to be reconnected) 
-  * 1 XU+E with a Samsung Exynos 5410 SoC (currently being reinstalled) 
-Their respective specs are: 
-  * for the Exynos 4412, 4 ARM cores Cortex-A9 @1.7GHz, 2GB, Mali 400 integrated GPU 
-  * for the Exynos 5410, 4 ARM cores Cortex-A15 @1.6GHz, 4 ARM cores Cortex-A7 @1.2GHz, 2GB, 3 cores PowerVR SGX544 GPU 
-The XU+E can also monitor the tension, intensity, and temperature for each CPU cluster, GPU and RAM. 
-To get an account on the machine, email Vincent at with your preferred login id and your SSH public key. To login into the machine, type ''​ssh -p <​machine-port>​ <​user-id>​'',​ where <​machine-port>​ is 2082 (X2), 208[4-6] (U2), or 2099 (XU+E). 
 ==== Windows ==== ==== Windows ==== runs (unsurprisingly) Windows ​2008 Server and should be accessible via RDP / rdesktop. ​ E-mail ​ with a preferred username for an account. runs (unsurprisingly) Windows ​10 Server and should be accessible via RDP / rdesktop. ​ E-mail ​ with a preferred username for an account.
- +
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