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Machines for Benchmarking

To get an account on the machines below, email Login-credentials are the ones managed by the department.

  • (8 cores, 3 GHz, 50 GB RAM)
  • (8 cores, 3 GHz, 50 GB RAM)
  • (8 cores, 3 GHz, 50 GB RAM)
  • (12 cores, 2.4 GhZ, 96 GB RAM)
  • (currently being reinstalled)
  • (currently being reinstalled)

The above mount our NAS at /nas. Simply make yourself a directory that has the same name as your user-id. The NAS offers 11 TB of storage.

Amazon Cloud Machines

We can spawn machines on demand. See for the list of options. Email Daniel to get a machine.


Consider one of the pX machines from AWS.

Windows runs (unsurprisingly) Windows 10 Server and should be accessible via RDP / rdesktop. E-mail with a preferred username for an account.

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